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Protecting your financial and emotional future when divorce or separation is necessary

Protecting your financial and emotional future when divorce or separation is necessary

Formally terminating a marriage is only one part of a divorce. Spouses need legal representation to make sure their financial future is protected by:

  • Dividing their property fairly
  • Obtaining alimony when a spouse can't support herself/himself
  • Determining where a child will reside and who will make decisions for the child.
When unwed couples separate, they need to resolve who will raise the children, where, and how. Children are entitled to child support to pay for their care and education.

At The Law Office Of Tara Carter, we have been helping Nashville and Goodlettsville residents get justice for nearly 10 years. We assess all your family law issues, properly value your assets, and prioritize your needs. We are skilled negotiators who work to resolve family law disputes when your spouse, co-parent, or family member is being unreasonable. Our lawyers understand the pros and cons of mediation. When issues are being disputed, we are persuasive family court trial lawyers.

Family practice areas we handle

Our lawyers guide and advocate for spouses, parents, grandparents, and children when relationships end, and new ones begin. We are respected for our ability to represent clients in the following family matters:

We represent spouses who have been married for decades and spouses married for just a few years. We advise spouses how they can obtain an uncontested divorce and how to protect their rights in contested divorces. When necessary, our attorneys work to show you have grounds for divorce. We fight to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

Division of the marital home, bank accounts, retirement income, business, and other assets is done on an equitable basis. We work to properly value assets and to help you get the marital property you want the most.

Our Nashville family lawyers fight to get rehabilitative alimony, transitional alimony, and long-term alimony for spouses who have been out of the workforce, are disabled or aren't making comparable money to their spouse.

Alimony prior to a divorce.

Our lawyers fight to level the playing field so your spouse can't use his/her economic advantage to force a bad settlement or court order.

Our lawyers are experienced at crafting and obtaining parenting plans that are for the child's best interests and help you establish the physical and legal custody boundaries you desire. We work to maximize parenting time for our clients.

Parents need to pay for their child's needs. Children have the right to enjoy the same economic advantages as their parents. Our attorneys are experienced at verifying your co-parent's income, obtaining the best support orders possible, and enforcing support orders when necessary.

Our family lawyers help grandparents stay connected to their grandchildren. We explain when grandparents can seek visitation rights and fight to clarify and maximize those rights.

Step-parents, couples, grandparents, and other loving people often need or want to confirm their love for a child by adopting a child. We understand the steps that must be taken to obtain an adoption and fight to make adoptions a legal reality.

We also seek to obtain orders for protections for our clients when necessary.

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Don't agonize in silence. Understand your rights and how to pursue them. At The Law Office Of Tara Carter, our Middle Tennessee family law attorneys are admired and respected for our dedication to our clients, our ability to prepare and strategize your case, and our advocacy in court. We understand how each type of family law issue can affect another family law issue. Our attorneys work to help you get a fresh emotional and financial start.

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