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Separating From a Spouse Is Stressful

Work with an experienced divorce attorney in Nashville, TN

Life doesn't always go as expected. You may find yourself dealing with difficult situations. Having a compassionate attorney in your corner can make tough times like divorces and probate situations easier.

The Law Office Of Tara Carter is a family and probate law firm in Nashville, TN. Our legal team deals with a wide variety of cases, but we focus on cases involving divorce, wills and trusts. When you need a family law or wills and trusts attorney, you can count on our firm to be here for you.

Take some of the stress out of divorce

Divorce is never easy, but working with the right divorce attorney can relieve some of your stress. Our firm has provided sound advice and assertive representation for a countless clients. We can help you navigate:

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Trust an established attorney for your probate law needs

When you need a probate attorney, we're the firm to rely on. Our legal team can help you understand the will and trust establishment process. You'll get advice on how to best protect your assets and navigate the ins and outs of probate law. We've proven ourselves time and again to clients, which is why we get so many referrals.

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