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Modification Of Child Support Orders

If a parent loses a job or gets a better-paying job, then the child support order can be modified to reflect the change in income earnings. Likewise, if a parent of a child becomes disabled, the availability of insurance changes, or daycare needs change – the support order can be modified. Changes in support orders are only allowed if the amount of income or the amount of the order will increase or decrease by 15% or more – to make sure parents aren’t constantly running into court.

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Enforcement Of Child Support Orders

Our Tennessee child support lawyers also work to enforce child support orders by filing contempt petitions against parents who aren’t paying their child support order on time. If a parent is found in willful contempt of failure to pay the child support order, that parent can be sentenced to jail. There are two types of contempt:

  • Criminal contempt. Here, the delinquent parent is sentenced to 10 days in jail for each missed payment.
  • Civil contempt. Here, the irresponsible parent is jailed until the child support arrears are paid or until a specific sum set by the judge is paid.

Our Nashville child support lawyers fight to have support payments made through a wage assignment or income withholding agreement to help guarantee the payments are timely.

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