Things To Do In Downtown Nashville Tennessee

The city of Nashville is well-known for its country music and is considered as the “Music City” of the south. If there’s one place to visit in Tennessee, downtown Nashville is a great place to check out because it offers plenty of attractions. Downtown features the liveliest and most entertaining attractions in the city. As a matter of fact, it is the best place to visit if you’re looking for a memorable vacation in Tennessee. If you’re all set and ready to start your exploration of downtown Nashville, here are some of the things to do while in the gorgeous city.

Visit the Ryman Auditorium

Obviously, this should be your priority when you’re on vacation in the music city. The Ryman Auditorium is one of the most visited and famous country music concert halls in Tennessee and in the whole of United States. While admission may be quite pricey, the self-guided tour and events are worth the ticket. Many live shows and various performers are featured in the concert halls.

Take a Tour to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Learn more about country music and the people who contributed to the music genre. Even if you don’t know anything about country music, a tour to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum will leave you more knowledgeable.

Experience Segway Tour

While there are lots of things to do in Downtown Nashville, the Segway Tour is definitely a must-try. The Segway Tour is a great way to see, enjoy, and learn about the famous attractions and sights in Downtown Nashville. The thirty-minute ride around downtown allows visitors to reach different tourist spots without breaking a sweat!

Have Fun at the Really Entertaining Tours

The Really Entertaining Tours offers the most exciting tours in Downtown Nashville including the signature tour – the Live Nashville! Walking Tour. If you’re looking for an entertaining tour in the downtown area, there are lots of choices to choose from at the Really Entertaining Tours.

Experience the Fun and Excitement at The Escape Game

A live 60-minute adventure with your friends/team at The Escape Game is one of the most exciting things to do in Downtown Nashville. Select a challenge and complete the mission with your group. The Escape Game offers a great experience to those who are looking for fun and adventure without going outside the city.

Visit the Hatch Show Prints

The Hatch Show Prints is a retail shop that features original arts for Grand Ole Opry stars and contemporary artists in the music industry. The shop is one of the oldest letterpress shops in the United States. Visit the shop and watch how they work wonders with their printing machines.

Jump in the Best Party Bus in Downtown Nashville

Considered as the best party bus not just in Nashville but in the whole of America, the HonkyTonk Party Express is a cool way to stroll Downtown Nashville. The party bus is an open-air, party bus where a bartender makes the trip relaxing for its 25 guests. Explore the main sights and attractions of the city while on the party bus!

Visit Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

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