Things To Do In Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Located in Davidson County, Tennessee, the Hermitage is a historical museum and cotton plantation owned by the seventh president of the United States of America, Andrew Jackson. The home of the president is the number one historic house in Tennessee. The popular tourist destination is also one of the largest and most visited presidential homes in the country.

How to Get There

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is a 20-minute drive from downtown Nashville. There are several ways to get to the tourist destination including riding a Lyft or Uber, taxi, bus, or by walking if you’re staying at nearby hotels. Plan your visit to the Hermitage before you purchase your ticket so you can schedule your tour to the historical plantation and museum.

How to Experience Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

The best way to enjoy your visit to the American president’s beautiful home is by general admission. Learn more about the life of President Andrew Jackson when you go on a tour on the historic estate of the seventh president of the United States of America. The general admission features a self-guided tour to the mansion and grounds where you can set your own pace. If you have lots of time to linger on the family-friendly tour, then Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is an enjoyable and nice way to spend a few hours of your day while in Nashville. You can learn more about the life of Andrew Jackson when you walk around the presidential house and grounds with your family and friends. Aside from the president’s house, you’ll also see the tomb of Andrew Jackson’s beloved wife, Rachel Jackson in her garden. Since she loved her garden so much, he made sure she was laid to rest at her favorite spot within The Hermitage. On June 8, 1845, Andrew Jackson’s life came to an end. His remains were later on laid to rest in the tomb at The Hermitage. You’ll learn all of these when you take a tour at the beautiful and history-rich mansion and grounds at the plantation.

The tour will take you back in time when slavery was still practiced in the United States of America. Learn more about the other families living in the plantation. Enslaved laborers contributed to the Jackson family’s survival. As a matter of fact, it is the source of Andrew Jackson’s wealth. Slaves enabled the 1000 acre to become self-sustaining since it profited from the crops worked by the enslaved laborers. Take the wagon tour when you visit the slave portion of the plantation. You will learn about the slaves of the president and their contribution to the presidential home and plantation. On-site guides are knowledgeable about the history of the plantation and museum. They provide interesting and educational information about the life of the president in his favorite home in Tennessee.

If you love a great history lesson, the tour is worth the price of the admission. Friendly and highly trained guides will give you a fun and enjoyable tour around the grounds and house. Visit Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage if you want to know more about the president’s life and the other families living within the plantation.

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