The History of RCA Studio B and Why It Is A Must Visit In Nashville Tennesse

If there’s one recording center that considerably contributed to the distinction of Nashville as a country music city, it’s definitely the historic RCA Studio B. The music recording studio is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It was built in 1956 and became an essential factor to the development of the Nashville Sound.

In 1956, Dan Maddox built the music recording studio to aid the needs of other record labels, particularly RCA Victor Records. The construction of the single-story building took four months at the cost of $37,515 back then. The music recording studio has offices at the front of the building. An echo chamber can be found on the second floor of the studio and control room.

From 1957 to 1977, a decent number of pop stars and country singers made their recordings in the music recording studio. Elvis Presley and Chet Atkins are some of the more popular recording artists who had their music recorded at the studio. It was made available to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in 1977. The music recording studio was later on donated to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in 1992.

Today, Studio B tours feature educational and entertaining tours in their Platinum ticket package and other admission tours. Some of the studio B tours include Museum admission and Audio tour. The home of the hits is best enjoyed in one hour tours.

How to Experience RCA Studio B

An admission to RCA Studio B provides guests an opportunity to learn more about the history of the music recording studio. A knowledgeable and well-trained guide will help you learn about Elvis Presley and the history in the recording studio. If you’re a music fan, Studio B is sacred ground. For those who aren’t into music, you’ll still have a wonderful experience at the tourist attraction. The place will take you back in time where legendary music icons like Elvis Presley recorded their hits. Great stories like the time when Elvis Presley was about to record the song “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton but eventually decided to decline the offer from the king of rock n roll. Above all, the tour will take you to the place where all the magic is happening. The recording studio tour is perfect if spent with family and friends. It is also entertaining even if you’re visiting the museum alone.

How to Get There

You can get to the recording studio by car, bus, Lyft or Uber, or by walking if you’re staying near the attraction. The best way to get to Studio B is either by private car or Uber due to the convenience of the trip. However, you can ride the bus if you want to save money or would like to experience traveling in Downtown Nashville with strangers.

The RCA Studio B is a historical attraction for music lovers and non-enthusiasts due to its great stories, memorabilia, and artifacts. If you’re planning on visiting the music city, then don’t forget to include the music recording studio in your list of destinations!

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