So you’re planning on going out for a visit to the Johnny Cash Museum but just don’t know where to start. First and foremost, doing your homework on your next tourist destination in Nashville is the most important thing to do when you’re planning a trip to the home of Johnny Cash memorabilia and artifacts.

The Johnny Cash Museum was established as a tribute and to recognize the contributions of American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor Johnny Cash. The museum was opened for public viewing in April 2013 featuring a large collection of memorabilia and artifacts of one of the best-selling music artists of all time. The museum can be found in the heart of downtown Nashville.

Once you have enough knowledge about the Johnny Cash Museum, the next thing you need to do is to prepare what you need to bring to your trip. Travel light since you’re visiting a museum.

How to Visit the Museum

Purchase a ticket to get to know more about the life of the “Man in Black” through interactive exhibits, films, and other presentations on the life and music of the star. If you want to avoid the line at the ticket booth, you can purchase yours online at their website. General admission is at $19.95 plus tax and Youth admission at $15.95 plus tax. Special group rates are available for groups of 15 people or more.

How to Enjoy the Johnny Cash Museum Experience

The suggested tour time to maximize your museum experience is one to two hours. However, you can stay longer if you want to immerse yourself more into the life and works of the music star. The exhibits feature the life of the Man in Black from his early years to his personal life and music career. The chronicles of his life are presented in sequential order. With more than 1,000 artifacts on exhibit, the museum presents the life of the musician through his personal items, memorabilia, and other things associated with the performer. Among the well-known artifacts on display at the museum include stage costumes, gold and platinum records, handwritten lyrics and musical instruments, and the Cash family piano.

There are several exhibits in the museum focused on a particular part of his life. In each of the exhibit, you’ll find an interesting item on display. The famous folded dollar bill on a Martin guitar is on display at the Johnny Cash Museum along with other memorabilia and artifacts.

Explore the Johnny Cash Museum Shop before you leave. Get a souvenir when you buy officially licensed merchandise and collectibles. Everything sold at the museum is licensed by the Estate of John R. Cash.

Whether you’re a Johnny Cash fan or not, a visit to the museum is a great and memorable experience. Despite its limited space, the home of Johnny Cash collections does not disappoint its visitors with its intimate details of the life and music career of the musician. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy your visit to the museum and the knowledge you get from the interesting tour.

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